With the advent of powerful AI tools, beyond the hype, many interesting applications are emerging for the broadcast and media technology industry. In the context of a virtual studio environment that combines - ideally in real time - computer-generated multimedia elements with real content, AI tools offer an improvement of proven approaches up to completely new creative possibilities. For example, person and object recognition can be used to add statistics to the live stream (speaking times, product information, etc.), masks can be efficiently generated, faces can be replaced and animated with real-looking artificial faces for anonymisation, or complete avatars can be seamlessly integrated.

Review: AI workshops by Film University Babelsberg on the topic of "AI Tools for the Virtual Studio"

Prof. Dr. Björn Stockleben and Prof. Dr. Lena Gieseke worked with the participants on current techniques, gave application tips and were available to answer any questions you may have.

For first insights into AI-driven developments for a virtual studio, the 1.5-hour workshop briefly highlighted algorithmic basics and gave an overview of relevant AI tools. In the practical part of the workshop, participants had the opportunity to experiment with different AI tools and tested a use case in the context of a virtual studio.